I.T. Consulting

With a difference


It's not all geek to me

I'll use plain English rather than geek speak to communicate with you. I can also talk tech with the geeks when needed.


Small achievable steps

Large IT projects are risky. I like to keep projects on-time and within budget by breaking them down into small, lower-risk components focusing first on the biggest gains for the least effort.



I'll listen carefully to your requirements, analyse your processes, and won't be afraid to suggest a low or no tech solution if that would work best.

Recent Projects

Some of the projects I've been working on recently.

Event economics preview

Event Economics - Measure event impact and ROI

Event Economics is a set of tools for evaluating the social and economic impacts of events. It provides event impact models that are comprehensive, transparent and can be applied across a diverse range of events and regions. Webspeed developed this service to specifications from the client, Fresh Info.

EFTPlus preview

EFTPlus - Customer Engagement Programmes

EFTPlus is New Zealand's leading SME loyalty system and the first cardless system using eftpos transactions for points accrual. The platform has processed over $1.5 billion in payments and hosts almost 250 thousand current members. EFTPlus was conceived, designed and developed at Webspeed.

artificial intelligence brain image


Auction listing sale predictor

I've used machine learning to develop an algorithm that uses text description from online auctions to predict whether the listing will sell with 85% accuracy. The neural network uses a long short-term memory architecture which is good for analysing text and can be used for other tasks such as deciding if email is spam or not.

Form.ac preview

Form.ac - Fill any form online

Form.ac lets you take any paper or pdf form and fill it electronically. Companies can use their paper forms to create hybrid digital versions with no re-design. It also acts as a superior documentation system for on-site workers that can also include paper documents.

What people think

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